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Intuitive and expressive art is the process of learning and understanding the language of your soul through creative expression. Creativity does not have to be taught, it is not outside of you, it already is inherent in all of us and merely has to be reawakened and rediscovered.

Intuitive art guides you to that place of authentic unique creative self-expression, entering into intimate communion with the inner world of your heart and spirit. It is a personal and courageous journey into the unknown of self-discovery, requiring a devotion to deep soul work and a desire to connect with your innate divine wisdom.

Weekly Classes

Explore, discover, reflect and connect with others on a weekly basis at Amazing Grace Retreat Centre in Magaliesburg.

Retreats + Workshops

These are truly soul-nourishing as you retreat away from your daily life and can immerse yourself fully into the experience. You are received and held in a space of exploration, discovery and personal growth, while art, nature, meditation and music are your guides. Retreats can be private one-on-one sessions or for a maximum of 10 people, held on weekends or six-day Vedic Art intensives. Various venues around the country are chosen for their natural beauty.

Vedic Art

Vedic Art is not an ideology, religion or philosophy. It is the knowledge of the laws of nature and the universe and the way to reach higher consciousness through creative activity which requires no talents or workshop basis. It is a unique and individual process by means of which you can express your individuality with no expectations and demands whatsoever. The 17 principles of Vedic Art are discovered through the foundation and intermediate courses held by an accredited Vedic Art Teacher at various Venues.

Online Courses

Various creative journeys for deep inner work at your own pace. From creative journaling to creating your own Oracle cards.